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Results-based obedience training can transform your dog into your best friend. Aggressive behavior, chewing, barking, running away, and marking territory can become lifelong bad habits if they are not addressed. Here at Dog’s Best Friend, we believe that any unwanted behavior can be corrected with the right approach. By using gentle, proven techniques, our trainers can communicate with dogs of any age.

At-Home Training

Because one goal of obedience training is to help your dog adjust to its environment, all of our training sessions will take place on your property. Not only does this save you time, money, and energy on travel, it also reduces the anxiety your pet might feel in an unfamiliar setting. It is no wonder many of our clients report substantial behavior improvement after a single session!

Experienced Trainers 

Our trainers have a talent for communicating with dogs of all ages. They understand the psychology and behavioral tendencies of our canine friends. With that said, not all problems have the same solution. That is why our training sessions do not have a time limit. Some take half an hour while others take a bit longer. But at the end of the day, you will see a difference. Read our testimonial page to see what our clients have to say about our high level of professionalism and success. 

Unique Approach 

As important as obedience training is, it’s only part of what we do. In addition to correcting behaviors, we also teach you to better understand and communicate with your pet. We accomplish this by teaching you their language, breaking down barriers between you and your pet. At the end of your training sessions, you will have a better relationship and tools to develop a strong companionship. With this knowledge, you may also have an easier time training new pets in the future.

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