Dog Training Services


Comprehensive Home Dog Training in South Central Florida

Dog’s Best Friend offers comprehensive home dog training in south central Florida. Our methods are holistic and unique.

Who says you can’t communicate with a dog? Not us! We understand the “language of the dog” and we use gentle, proven techniques to communicate on a deeper level with your pup or older dog. And we’ll teach you this language too! We know how to train dogs to conform no matter what their temperament, age, or breed because we understand their psychology.

All of our training sessions and instruction takes place on your property. We travel to you so you can save time and energy—and so your dog gets trained in its comfortable and familiar surroundings. Call us today and let us make your life easier by effectively training your dog, whether a new puppy or old friend.

See Improved Behavior with Dog Obedience Training in South Central Florida

Our clients report exceptional results after we complete their dogs’ obedience training. You will see improved behavior in your dog after just one of our courses. Obedience training reduces your stress as a pet owner because you will not have a wild, unruly dog on your hands—and your dog will be happier and more secure, too! We offer many training programs, so we can accommodate any dog of any size at any age.

In addition to our training services, we offer behavioral assessments and consulting services. Not sure what puppy to buy? Want to know what the best breed choice is for your particular family? We offer FREE puppy and dog selection consultations over the phone—or we can accompany you when you go to select a new pet, to predict what a particular dog’s behavioral tendencies will be. Call today and let us help!

Enroll Your New Pet in Puppy Kindergarten 

We offer “puppy kindergarten,” which shows you the ropes of being a dog owner. This unique session offers a quality education of basic ownership responsibilities. We even throw in a few training tips and tricks as well!

This session is about two hours long and teaches everything you need to know about being a dog owner:

  • Crate training information
  • How to deal with chewing
  • How to correct your pup
  • What to feed your new pet
  • How often to feed
  • Housebreaking tips
  • Leash instruction
  • Bonding guides
  • And more!

Your Dog Can Learn the Basics at Any Age

Our basic obedience course is perfect for any dog at any age. Our specialty is communicating with dogs at a level they can understand. This course is ideal if you are looking to train your dog in basic commands. Our training technique uses voice cues (and hand signals, if you like). Want your dog to do tricks? We can teach that too! Call Dog’s Best Friend today and let’s get started!