At Dog’s Best Friend in Sarasota, FL, nothing brings us more satisfaction than hearing from dog owners who report back on how their households and pets are happier and healthier after our training. We thought we’d share a few with you.

“Mr. Gregg Flowers was a local favorite in Shreveport, Louisiana as a dog trainer for many years. I am the owner of Towne South Animal Hospital, a busy, multi-doctor animal hospital in Shreveport. Gregg has an extensive knowledge base and exceptional level of experience in this line of work. I have recommended him to many clients over the years for help with routine dog training as well as advanced canine behavioral problems, and the response has been overwhelming.

Additionally, Gregg helped my wife and me with our dog! My staff at Towne South and I would recommend Mr. Flowers to anyone seeking help on any level with their dog with confidence. He is an extremely insightful and talented man.”

– Abhi Mane, Owner, Towne South Animal Hospital

“I would highly recommend Gregg Flowers as a dog trainer. He has a remarkable rapport with dogs and an expert understanding of their psychology and behavior. I think Gregg taught my wife and me more in our initial two and a half hour meeting than we had learned in months of obedience classes.

He has helped us on many levels, particularly with behavior problems that no one else could seem to effectively deal with. We have Rottweilers, and they can be intimidating to some people. Our dogs not only respect Gregg’s leadership, but they love him as well. We are proud to have Gregg as our dog trainer and friend.”

– Jim Slack

“Gregg Flowers has worked with three of my dogs – one is a rescue, and two I raised from puppyhood. All have benefited greatly from Gregg’s methods. My Cockapoo is such a remarkable dog. The most important thing to me is that she can be walked off-leash on city streets. Thanks to Gregg, she understands my numerous voice commands and hand signals.

Because of this, she is the only dog of about 15 in my gated neighborhood who is allowed by our association to be off-leash. The association actually gave her a special exemption – I didn’t even ask for it!

As for Sparky, my Yorkshire terrier rescue – he has a sad history. I am his fourth owner. Rescues are a challenge and typically have issues, but Sparky responded very well to Gregg’s technique.

Gregg really helped my dogs, but perhaps more important is how he helped me. Follow his instructions and you will be glad you made the decision to bring this extremely gifted, gentle, and loving person into you and your dog’s life.”

– Bobbie Cates Hicks

“Gregg arrived promptly on time and was extremely helpful in initiating care and help with an older dog that had been mistreated.”

– Pamela Mott


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